Moving and Storage Tips

Below are some tips and tricks that we have picked up over the years while working with our tenants. Some of them are common sense, but we hope there are a few gems in here that will help make your moving experience easy and painless.


  • Utilize all of the vertical space. Use sturdy boxes of similar size and stack them to the top of the unit.
  • Stack the heavier items below the lighter items.
  • Protect valuables and breakables with bubble wrap. Mattress covers and moving blankets work well for padding, too.
  • Utilize the empty spaces in drawers.
  • Don’t forget to defrost appliances before storing and prop the refrigerator door open.
  • Store garden tools and garage items together in wardrobe boxes.
  • Break down furniture with removable legs. Stack chairs.
  • Store items underneath tables.
  • Protect flooring under gas powered items (e.g., mowers, generators, vehicles).
  • Write down where you are storing your items in your unit in case you need to retrieve them.  Pictures and videos taken on your phone are great visual reminders!
  • If you’re using a larger storage unit, try to organize it so that you have an aisle down the middle to the back of the storage unit. This will allow you to navigate your space more efficiently.
  • Use large boxes for light items (e.g., bedding, linens, lamps).
  • Use small boxes for heavier items like books.
  • Label every box and keep items from the same room together.
  • Boxes should not weigh more than you can lift.
  • Place heavier items at the bottom of the box.
  • Use packaging tape to securely seal each box.
  • Keep the tops of the boxes flat for easier stacking.
  • Wardrobe boxes allow you to store your clothes on hangers and keep them from wrinkling.
  • Disassembled bed frames and other furniture are easily stored in less space.