Are you looking to postpone winter just a little bit? While many have already stored their RVs for the cold weather seasons ahead,
colder temps and shorter days don’t mean that you have to end the fun now. Why not HEAD SOUTH for the winter (and fall!)?

KOA.com (LINK TO https://koa.com/blog/fall-rv-tips/) reminds us that not only do the crowds thin in the fall (think: Back-to-school), but so do the bugs! AND many campgrounds drop their rental rates, making it a perfect time to go RVing!

Just remember that if you haven’t already, reserve for winter storage BEFORE you leave on your fall adventure; space fills up fast at this time of year. Choose a facility
where you can easily take your RV in-and-out throughout the fall and winter and you can find adventure in warmer, southern climates. Store your RV
in a heated unit and you won’t have to worry about de-winterizing every time you hit the road.

While there are many southern destinations that can help stretch the RVing season, here are a few of our favorites:

It’s close! And, there’s a reason it’s called the “Land of Enchantment” From Albuquerque to Santa Fe and Taos,
your road trip can supply everything from art galleries, ancient Indian ruins, volcanoes and historic missions.

Highway 1 south is the ticket to beat the almost-winter blues. From crashing waves to beautiful vistas…you can hike the
redwoods, visit coastal towns for their quaint stores and fabulous food or just enjoy the warm, humid ocean breeze.
The Mojave Desert in southern California is known for it’s fabulous beaches and Joshua Tree National Park.
You can’t beat golfing in Palm Springs or just relaxing to a stunning desert sunset when the weather is cold back home.

Bright lights and high stakes aren’t all that you can experience here. Hoover Dam, historic Route 66, the Petrified National Forest and Grand Canyon makes
this a must-go-soon destination!

History, white sand and creole cuisine is calling your name. Tour Galveston or head further east to Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and end up
in Florida. Blues, BBQ and historic lighthouses are must dos on this adventure.

But even when you decide where you’re going, your packing list doesn’t get easier. Getting to where you’re going could take you through a variety of climates this time of year – so BRING IT ALL! Fall temperatures can be a surprise…pack everything from sunscreen and shorts to hats, coats and gloves.

Plus, check out your RV before getting on the road. Does the heater work? Do the tires have plenty of tread left? And, just in case
you experience a freeze on your trip, don’t forget to disconnect and drain water and waste lines.

One last tip: summer is for sandwiches…pack fall comfort food for plenty of “warm” memories!