Here is a list of winter fixes so that you’re ready to GO!

With the wind blowing and the snow flying, it’s difficult to get motivated to work on your recreational vehicles.
But now’s exactly the time to do just that!

It is wise to take the next few months and invest some time in getting your toys ready to play. Why would you wait? Wasting beautiful spring weather on cleaning and repairs makes no sense. And, if you’re lucky enough to have inside storage you don’t even have to wait for a nice – albeit cold – day.

• Make your bike more comfortable by installing ergonomic items like highway pegs, seat replacements, backrests, or even heated grips.
• Do bodywork and paint since it’s already out of commission. These can take awhile, so don’t put it off. Winter is a good time to re-chrome, also.
• Winter is a great time to get used parts off of “donor bikes”. Take a look at eBay or Craigs List to find bikes that are being parted out.
• Installing saddle bags is a perfect off-season chore. It’s not that the installation will take much time – it’s the shopping for the perfect bags and building the brackets that will attach the saddlebags that can eat up the hours.
• Upgrade your stereo and make sure that you have bluetooth or AUX capabilities so that you can play music from your phone!
• Plan your summer trips. There’s nothing better than in front of a roaring fire researching your next road trip.

• Check and restock your first aid kit
• Take an inventory of the kitchen. Things tend to “walk away” during summer camping session.
• Clean all bedding and air out/replace pillows, blankets, etc.
• Check/service or upgrade your generator.
• Service or replace your awning.
• Look for deals on “must have” items…portable grills, solar chargers, etc.
• Get your tires in shape – both by cleaning rims and by replacing tires with well-worn tread.
• Are you real handy? Check out the information on DYI repairs at

• Take a look at your battery. Some industry sources recommend you do this every two years.
• Install a “dash cam” unit. Fun to share the experience; essential should there be an accident.
• Read your manual (because we KNOW you probably haven’t!)
• Look for cracks and fissures in the hull. Repair the fiberglass immediately because this can expose internal components to damage.
• Replace engine and pump oil.
• Lubricate fittings and seals.
• Check your safety equipment.

• Replace old hoses and hose clamps
• Restock your first aid kit
• Refinish the wood and seal
• Check out your safety equipment; replace old life preservers and make sure you haven’t lost/misplaced items like flags and mooring lights.
• Check your batteries and replace, if needed.
• Change your impeller if you haven’t done so in the last two years.
• Install alarms and detectors. If you have a boat built after 2003 and over 26 feet you should have a factory installed carbon monoxide detectors in the sleeping areas. You can easily install one if you have an older boat. There are also high bilge water alarms to alert you to a possible leak.
• Change your waste hoses. You’ll know it’s time when you take a cloth and run in over the hoses and the cloth has an unpleasant smell.

Only motivated to stay inside and drinking hot chocolate? Then do yourself a favor and compare insurance rates during the winter. Anything you can do during the downtime, will give you more time to spend having fun when the warm weather season begins.