Spring is in the air…get ready to GO!

While we can’t tell you if it’s time for you to dewinterize yet – only Mother Nature knows whether we’ll hit freezing temps again – we can tell you that we’re getting excited about hitting the road with our RV!

You can make an educated guess when to dewinterize your unit by going to weather.com and put in your zip code (or the zip code of where you’re heading to) to find out what the anticipated average temperatures will be in the coming days and weeks ahead. You can also see the highs and lows for each month historically. Of course, you can also just use your RV when YOU’RE ready and should a cold snap occur, plug in a heater!

We think that it’s about time for the bears, and your RV, to come out of hibernation. If you took the steps to get properly winterized late last fall, it should be easy to get ready for spring adventures. Here’s a handy check list to remind you of some of the “must dos”:

Check your tires (don’t forget the spare!)
Check for any damage to doors, windows, undercarriage, roof, etc)
Check turn signals, lights, etc
Check to make sure that your license plate is current
Reload any sporting equipment, outside chairs/tables, etc. that might have been taken out of your RV

Give it a cleaning and check for stow-aways (mice, etc)
Make sure you have your first aid kit stocked (check the expiration dates!)
Check your fire extinguisher, CO2 detector, smoke detector, etc.
Return any towels, linens and bedding that has been inside for the cold weather season or, if stored in the RV, take them inside to the wash machine
Open your windows and vents to air out the staleness (and to make sure that they work properly)

Dewinterize and flush your water system – refill and check for leaks You might also want to sanitize your fresh water system.
If you want a detailed description on how to do that, go to https://rvshare.com/blog/rv-preparation-checklist/
Test all values/faucets/toilet/etc
Check that your battery is fully charged and that terminals are clean and tight
Check your water heater
Fill propane tanks
Check all appliances for proper operation
Wipe out the refrigerator and freezer
Check your air-conditioning unit and make sure the filter is clean
Inspect your engine and generator
Perform a full safety check and make sure your fluid levels are topped off