Start thinking about your storage options now…

I know it feels like summer is finally underway. But the fact is, it’s more than half over! So it’s really not all that early to start contemplating storage options for your Motorhome, 5th wheel, camper, boat, vintage car, jet ski, motorcycle, etc.

Kym Smith, owner of Wildhorse Self Storage in Pueblo, Colorado offers, “There are really two key deciding factors most people think about when they consider storage – cost and access. But there’s so much more to consider.”

Below are some storage options pros and cons to help you make your decision:

The Street
You’re probably just asking for trouble if you park on the street. Home Owner’s Associations (HOA) usually frown on this for any extended period of time and between the risk of being broken into or getting hit by a car…well…let’s just say that there are better options to ponder.

The Driveway
Although it’s certainly accessible – and very low cost (like NO cost!), there are some disadvantages that you need to acknowledge.

If your neighborhood has an HOA, this type of storage might be restricted. Plus Rvs can often be too wide for your drive. You’ll have issues like bad weather and security concerns when parking your RV outside. The space you give up can also cause you heartache. It will be tougher to park, back out, and turn around your vehicle . And…what will the neighbors say/think?

The Garage
You save money with this option, too but you give up valuable space. And remember, many campers are too tall for a standard garage door. Plus, you will have the fight of who gets to park in the other spot if you have a two-car garage!

The Backyard
With this option you’ll have convenience; there’s no need to worry about picking it up or dropping it off , but again those HOA’s might not like this idea. Additionally, you still might have problems with weather and security. Plus, the backyard is now our stay-cation haven…you better have a BIG backyard so that it doesn’t interfere with your new, COVID-imposed lifestyle. It might be better to leave the backyard open for family activities and search out other options – or better yet – a friend’s backyard.

The RV Garage
Although a great idea for those building new homes or living on enough land to make this a reality, you need to know that these aren’t cheap. Also, you’ll need to check local ordinances for building heights before you start. Trying to erect this type of accommodation with an existing garage in place may not be an option. Additionally, there’s the real possibility that the next homeowner will be turned off by this oversized, specific use building.

The Outdoor Storage Facility
Widely available and affordable, it offers the room for everything from a Class A motorhome to a small, popup trailer. Probably not a great option for jet skis and motorcycles, boats that have been wrapped to provide weather protection can also utilize this type of storage. Although outside, you have a little more security than in a corner of your backyard since there are more people around and some facilities offer lights, onsite personnel and/or perimeter fencing.

The Covered RV Storage Facility
This option provides some protection from the elements and is usually affordable.
Look for facilities with high fences, video surveillance and keypad entry gates.
And realize that these covered units do provide some protections, but things like high winds, extreme heat, and blowing, drifting snow with extreme cold will still
be issues to contend with.

The Indoor Storage Option
Ok- yes, they are pricey…but so was your RV. There are even units that are temperature controlled, which could save you on maintenance and will definitely save you the worry. No stressing about weather. No issues with security. These units have their own lock and many offer 24/7/365 accessibility.

Your biggest concern might be if the facility you choose has a unit large enough for your RV unit and/or other storage needs.

Quoting Smith again, “When we were building Wildhorse Self Storage, we knew that some people would want outside storage to save money, but they would also want the security afforded by good lighting and video cameras. Others would want the biggest indoor unit they could find to handle multiple storage needs. We have customers that store seasonal cars, extra boxes of possessions, and a trailer all in one unit. This type of multi-use storage can save you money in the long run and free up garage, basement and attic space.”

“Don’t settle on the first facility you visit, check around before you decide. There are indoor and outdoor storage options to fit every budget and every need. Also think about accessibility; often that doesn’t mean easy access to your home, it means access to where you recreate. A storage facility on the way to the lake you boat at, or close to a highway on the way to your favorite campground may offer the best location for your storage needs.”