If you’re thinking about buying a used RV, know that manufacturers and dealers love to try and sneak in cheap fixture and parts to make more money.
Cosmetic cover ups are also something to look for and be concerned about.

In an article found at CamperReport.com we found an exhaustive list of what the writer, Jim Harmer, had researched when buying his used camper.
We liked it so much, we’ll to share some of the highlights with you.

If it smells like smoke, it will probably always smell like smoke.
Also check that the toilet hatch seals fully.

Is it big enough?
Does the shower have a lip on it so water doesn’t spill out?
Is the toilet big enough and is it plastic or porcelain?
Any signs of mold or mildew?

Check out each by opening and closing.
Do they have shades or curtains?

Size matters. Be sure you have a length that fits where you want to camp.
Don’t go too small – it’s the mistake most first time owners make.

Is there a powered awning?
With the awning open, look at the fabric for rips, fading, etc.

Is there a comfortable place to sit?
Can you put up your eat and watch TV?
Can the whole family or friends watch a movie or play a game together?
Check both sides of the cushions for stains.

Are there enough outlets?
Can you charge your phone/tablet/computer without the generator running?

Check all exterior lights, running lights, headlights, brake lights, etc.
Are there lights for when you’re outside at night?

Open all slides and check for scratching on the floor, bent floor vents etc which indicate it’s not operating correctly.
Check the seals around the slide.
Shine a flashlight around the edges of the slide and make sure you can’t see the light.

Fill the grey tank bay running the shower, see if the status indicators accurately measure the level of water.
Check out the hot water heater.

Is there a fire extinguisher? Is it expired?
Test the carbon monoxide detector.

Text the GFI buttons by pressing the test button and make sure it pops out the reset button.
Connect the RV to shore power and make sure it works.
Test the generator.

Look for missing screws and trim.

Check for signs of bubbles or depression on sides and roof of trailer. This is a sign of water damage or delimitation.
Get on the roof and look for cracks in the sealant around the pipes and openings. Yes, it’s only a $5 fix…but it shows the RV has not been well cared for.
Check the interior ceiling for bubbles or soft spots – especially by exhaust vents.
Check under the sinks.
Check for wetness in the compartments. Look for wood rot.

Is there a flush for the black tank?

Get ON THE GOUND and look at the tread. Compare the wear.
Are they a cheap brand or the more expensive Micheline or Goodyear- like brands?

Is the remote missing?
Is it new technology? Bluetooth?

There’s such a thing as a “RV QUEEN”. A real queen bed measures 60×80” –
an RV queen or short queen is only 60×75”. Will that be comfortable for you?
Do you want to have to “set up” for sleep?

This is just a few of the items mentioned in this article. To read the entire list, check out https://camperreport.com/pdi-inspection-checklist/.