The open road has called to you. You’re ready to go places, see things, meet people. So you think you want to buy a motorhome or a camper! But, buying the RV is only half of the battle…

It’s not an easy decision or one to be taken lightly – there’s a big learning curve and a lot to think about. You not only have to know how to drive or tow it, you have to be aware of maintenance requirements and know a little something about trouble shooting problems on the road.

Also, have you thought about what makes the most sense for you – buying new or used, a tow-behind or a drivable motor coach?

Do you know the cost for insurance and registration on what you’re considering?

Do you have room to store your RV at your home, and if not, have you checked with local storage facilities about options and costs?

And, don’t forget the cost of fuel vs mileage!

In a December 2018 article on ( author Melissa Popp offers some must-ask questions you need to think about before taking the plunge:

  • Why are you buying?
  • How often will you use it?
  • Where do you plan to travel?
  • What features do you NEED?
  • What features do you WANT?
  • How will you make your meals?
  • Where will you park during your trips?

While owning a RV may save you 50% or more off the cost of vacations in the future, there can be some major upfront expenses.

Motorhomes are truly your “home away from home” with amenities that rival, or even exceed, your primary home. So much so, that a new motorhome purchase might be out of the question for some families.

A camper might fit in the family budget better, but do you go for a bumper pull, a topper unit or a 5th wheel? Remember, if you don’t already own a tow-worthy vehicle, you’ll need something to tow WITH and you’ll need to add that into your budget, as well. “Pop up campers, truck campers and small travel trailers are often the best way to ease into the RVing lifestyle. For those looking for more room, investing in a mid to large travel trailer or fifth wheel RV is the way to go”, says Popp.

All of the above questions need to be answered honestly BEFORE you begin your search. You need to also know what type of budget and/or payment you’re comfortable with because a visit to a showroom with shiny, new recreational vehicles will surely cost you more because you’ll suddenly think that you need IT ALL…NOW!