The impact of the Corona virus on the travel, tourism and recreational business through the U.S. has been huge, and could continue into the summer months. But what about those that live in their RVs?

There have been a growing number of people in recent years seeking to simplify their lives by utilizing their RVs and vans as their primary living location. This lifestyle is proving problematic as COVID-19 spreads throughout the world.

It could be said that these tiny home trend setters are probably more prepared than most because they are used to “life with less”. But remember, their smaller living environments preclude them from stockpiling essentials like those of us living in traditional housing. (The good thing is that they can’t horde!)

And, they probably don’t have much debt; like a huge mortgage payment. This debt-free lifestyle does lend some resilience when one is going through struggles like many of us are experiencing currently but as campgrounds and parks shut down during the “shelter in place” orders, it becomes increasing risky to head out on the open road not knowing where – or if – you’ll be able to park. Colorado lists places of accommodation – like RV parks where RVs are being used for permanent housing – as “critical infrastructure”, but not all states agree. You’ll find a state-by-state list of campground closures HERE (

Even though some campgrounds are open for those living out of their recreational vehicles and vans, many communal areas are closed. RV owners also must worry about things like showers, bathrooms and electricity, unless their unit is totally self sufficient with solar power and water tanks.

RV residents today are facing border regulations, stay-at-home orders that don’t coincide with mobile living, and closures – all culminating into one big headache for the nomadic community.

Add children to the mix, and it gets even worse.

With the crisis, the restrictions and the fear of the unknown, many are parking their RVs and heading to bunk with family and friends to ride out the storm.

The RV community seems to be pretty well in agreement that it’s best to find a safe spot and stay there. For information about other countries and how they are dealing with RV living and the virus outbreak, visit CNN Travel at

So what do you do with your RV since spring is here and we’re all going nowhere fast? A Facebook group is matching RV owners with health care workers who need a place to isolate after their hospital shifts. With posts like: “Looking for an RV in Grapevine Texas. Wife is camping out on the apt patio,” and “ER Doc in Rochester NY has been living in the garage for 3 weeks to protect our 3 kids and me,” the need is apparent and the solution seemed as simple as reaching out to RV owners. Started on April 1, 2020, there is already 3000 members of RVs 4 MDs. READ MORE HERE (

Others have set up “school” or “work” in their campers in an effort to separate the family a little and get some much needed privacy. Some are now using their backyard as a campground to just change up the day-to-day scenery of the four walls they have been looking at for almost a month.

On thing is for certain, once the COVID-19 restrictions and closures are lifted, everyone will be excited to get back to normal. Be creative, be compassionate, be patient…we will all be back on the road soon enough.