End of Season = RV Deals on Wheels!

As the RVing and camping season starts to wind down, you can find some great savings if you know where to look. Rv and camper dealers operate much like auto dealerships. They have to meet monthly quotas and get rid of last year’s models by year end. The middle of fall is when most are eager to sell and when salespeople who haven’t met their target sales during the change-of-season-slowdown might be willing to put together a price you can’t refuse.

Here are some additional tips to help you negotiate your best deal and get into the camper or RV of your dreams:

Buy now – Customize later

A better mattress, a bigger TV, nicer cabinetry…bigger, better and more expensive! Think long term for your best
buying options. Don’t be afraid to purchase a basic model and upgrade during the down season. And on that same note…

Buy a Fixer Upper

If you’re handy, buy a used, older unit or one that’s in disrepair and gut it and/or fix it up over the winter. This “up cycling” movement is all the rage right now and is
a fun way to get a truly custom home on wheels.

Brand Buying

Everyone has a brand that they are loyal to. Cars, soup, toilet paper…consumers will always tell you why their choice is the BEST choice. When buying a RV, it’s the same – but remember – they are all designed to serve the same purpose, they give you a comfortable place to stay. at the end of day. The most popular brands obviously cost more; make a “must have” list and shop all the different models. You might be surprised at what you’ll find…and what you’ll SAVE!

Watch the Rates

Currently interest rates are WAY down…making it the perfect time to purchase! Don’t just look at the dealer for financing, check your bank and credit union, too. But remember, no matter what kind of rate a third-party institution can give you, the RV dealer can beat it if they want to. Come with multiple loan quotes in your pocket for your best negotiating power.

Sharing is Good

Get a couple of like-minded friends on board and go together to split the cost of the purchase. Schedule your times for use, share maintenance and storage fees…it’s a win-win-win!

Look for Incentives

At this time of year, your salesperson may throw in amenities to sweeten the deal. But don’t be taken in with that free coffee mug, hold out for the REAL incentives. Once you think you’ve gotten the lowest price negotiated, then is the time to ask for the “goodies” like free oil changes, interior upgrades, etc.

It’s Showtime

Trade shows are a great time to scout around for what you want. Talk to people. Learn about brands. The last day of the show is a great time to start your negotiating with a dealer. They don’t want to haul them home…but YOU might!

Online and Up the Street

Look as many places as possible to get your best deal. Shop your “usual” dealer. Then shop their competitors – both in town and the surrounding areas. Look at online dealer’s prices. And don’t forget places like Craig’s List and Let Go. It might take a little time – but it could yield BIG SAVINGS!

The Walk Away

If the deal is not right – WALK AWAY! It doesn’t matter how many free bottles of water or cookies your salesperson gave you, or whether he met you halfway, if there’s too much pressure, or the cost is above your budget, you have every right to step away from the bargaining table.
Never feel compelled to buy…you might feel bad at the time but think about how you’ll feel in the future with the wrong camper or a payment you can’t afford!