As with most things…there are the facts, and there is a lot of incorrect information out there. RV ownership – whether a camper, 5th wheel, trailer or motorhome – is no exception. But, let’s take a little time here and try to “bust” some of the myths:

Model number always indicate length – TRUE?
Some brands do…and some brands don’t.

If you have a truck, you can tow any RV – FALSE
Check your vehicle’s maximum tow rating. Even similar models have different
towing capacities.

Campers with a “polar or artic package” are warm in any climate – NO WAY
No RV is designed to be lived in when you’re in a sub-zero climate. The extra insulation you pay for is not intended to keep you warm for extended periods of freezing weather, it’s there to extend the season on both ends by a few weeks or maybe a month or two, at best.

Used generators with low hours are a great buy – FALSE
Generators that aren’t used actually wear out faster.

RVs aren’t allowed in cities – FALSE, BUT…
Limited parking and crowded roads are not easy for RVS, but many cities have no restriction.

All motorhomes are gas guzzlers – FALSE-ISH
Well – maybe a little true. New models have much better gas mileage than previous years. NO – they aren’t as fuel efficient as a car, but there have been lots of advancements towards better mileage.

You need a special license to drive or tow a RV – NOPE
There is no motorhome or trailer that requires any special license in the U.S.

Only “ultra lights” are light weight – FALSE
Many models do not use that name but are still very light and easy to tow.

My truck has sway control so I don’t need a sway bar – FALSE and DANGEROUS
Your factory installed sway controls truck sway – not trailer sway.

I don’t need to store my RV in the winter/cold months – FALSE and NOT SMART
Leaving your RV exposed to the elements can – and will – result in long term damage. Moisture and cold accelerate the damage so proper storage is essential. RVs are a big investment. Why wouldn’t you want to protect them?

Remember what they say – talk is cheap…but believing everything you hear about RVs might end up costing you.